welcome to nightmare. we are a species rp site, and we hope that you would like to join us! i promise, we don't bite... much. please sign up as FIRST MIDDLE LAST all in upper case!


Hear the cry of the fallen . . .
Since the dawn of time, the secret of the hidden mythical beings has never been discovered. Vampires, werewolves, fallen angels . . . all of them and more live amongst humans, suspected by no one. Until now.
War has swept through the shadows of the world. Those who have always thought humans should bow down to them are taking action, but not everyone agrees. The stink of death is becoming too hard to bear. And through it all, each of them waits to find that special person . . . their soulmate.
Which being are you? What side will you join? And if your soulmate is a human, will you fight to be together?
You think you know everything.
You know nothing yet.
Welcome to your NIGHTMARE.
welcome to nightmare .
March 20 Nightmare is officially closing. Thanks so much to all of you who have made this site such a great place to play and exist and write, but we feel it's time for a change. It was a good run and we still love you all. If you'd like to keep playing with some of the writers you met here, feel free to contact one of the admins via PM or AIM about our next site endeavor. We'll still check our inboxes about once a day for the next month, but after that, the end has arrived and we'll be shutting down the site. As always, happy rp-ing! Even if it's not here. <3
so here's what you missed .
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